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Ella Fitzgerald – The Way You Look Tonight

The song “The Way You Look Tonight” was first appeared in the movie Swing Time performed by Fred Astaire. It acquired the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1936.


Paintings by Jessica Brilli

Although Jessica Brilli’s paintings are contemporary the subject she paints most of the times has the sense of vintage. Kodak cameras, transistor radios, and manual typewriters in her Static series, or huge Chevys in her Cars and Road Scenes series are common place in her paintings.


Abstract Portraits by Han Xiao

Han Xiao was born in LiaoNing, a province of China located in the northeast of the country. Her work is intense trying to identify the loneliness and the anxiety each person feels in some periods of life. Her main theme are portraits though the person she paints is hazy; she prefers to show a vaguer idea of the person in a more abstract way.


Energy Sufficient B10 House in Weissenhof Estate, Stuttgart, Germany

Weissenhof Estate is an area for exhibition of houses, first built in 1927, opening on 23rd of July of the same year. As far as the house is concerned, generates twice as much energy as it requires through sustainable sources. The excess energy provides power for two electric cars.


Paintings by Dario Puggioni

The last article for this week was Dario Puggioni. Puggioni’s main discipline is painting and the most prominent way of his paintings has modern elements. I was amazed by his work. Hope you do as well.