Energy Sufficient B10 House in Weissenhof Estate, Stuttgart, Germany

house b10 weissenhof estate everythingwithatwist

Weissenhof Estate is an area for exhibition of houses, first built in 1927. Renown architects from Europe most of them German speaking, such as Le Corbusier, Victor Bourgeois and Bruno Taut designed prototype houses. Some of the buildings were destroyed during the war, and most of them were rebuilt afterwards. Initially there were 21 buildings comprising the estate, and 11 are still standing. The idea was to create prototype houses and standardised them afterwards for mass production. The exhibition opened to the public on 23 July 1927 and a year later drew large crowds.

house b10 weissenhof estate everythingwithatwist

B10 is an abbreviation from the address Bruckmannweg 10, originally a Le Corbusier’s project. The house is energy sufficient, generating twice as much energy as it requires. The energy is generated from sustainable sources. The excess energy provides power for two electric cars. At the end of the project the building will be fully de-constructed and rebuilt elsewhere returning the plan to its original state. The project is the identification of energy consumed and produced and how this energy can be used more efficiently. A great project hoping to have such projects throughout the world. Enjoy.

house b10 weissenhof estate everythingwithatwist





house b10 weissenhof estate everythingwithatwist