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Istanbul Colourful Architecture, by Yener Torun

Although Yener Torun is an architect, photography stole his heart. Or, to be exact, Instagram caught his eye by noting the easy way to share a photograph. So, a year or so ago Torun started capturing the colours of the Istanbul, a city he went to 14 years ago.


Song 58: Damita Jo – If You Go Away [originally: Jacques Brel – Ne Me Quitte Pas]

The song Ne me quitte pas was originally written in 1959 by Jacques Brel, a Belgian song writter. The English adaptation was first made by Rod McKuen. Damita Jo released the English version in 1966 in an album with the same name.


Casa LA by Elias Rizo Arquitectos, Mexico

The relationship between the client and the contractor, from tailoring a suit to building a house, is of a great importance. And while this house was building, there was an excellent relationship betwen the two parts. They architect tried, and successfully fulfilled client’s needs, by breaking the norm of the current at the time installations of the area.


Portraits of People and Their Essential Everyday Items by Jason Travis

His project,Personified, was featured in prestigious media such as Marie Claire, NY Times and USA. The project started in 2007 and early 2011 CNN commissioned Travis to take it to SXSW so that to show his work.


El Bosque House by Ramon Esteve, Chiva, Valencia, Spain

The house is great for short or long vacation though it would be also very suitable for permanent use. It is located in Chiva, which is a 20 minute drive from the capital of the province, Valencia.


Fashion Is Nuts by Donald Robertson

Donald Robertson is the Head of Creative Development for Bobbi BorwnCosmetics though is his spare time, if there is any, his creative side shows up. He created some iconic faces of fashion by just paint, duct tape, paper and, what more natural for art, walnuts.