Fashion Is Nuts by Donald Robertson

fashion nuts donald robertson everythingwithatwist

Iris Apfel

Donald Robertson is the Head of Creative Development for Bobbi Borwn Cosmetics though is his spare time, if there is any, his creative side shows up. He created some iconic faces of fashion by just paint, duct tape, paper and, what more natural for art, walnuts. Chanel, Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent are all there.

fashion nuts donald robertson everythingwithatwist

In order to be in the list of Fashion Is Nuts you just need to be famous, but most importantly “The person has to be slightly nuts, that’s all” Robertson explains in a recent interview. “Anna Wintour is the alpha nut that gives the ultimate nod to all things nutty and stylish,” adds,  and continues “and she hasn’t had her lawyer issue a cease and desist yet, so that’s pretty cool”. All of these people are in a 40-page collection of a portrait book, currently limited to only 1000 copies. The result is impressive. Enjoy.


fashion nuts donald robertson everythingwithatwist