El Bosque House by Ramon Esteve, Chiva, Valencia, Spain

el bosque house ramon esteve everythingwithatwist

Ramon Esteve was the architecture office commissioned to design and build the house. It was founded in 1991 and over the years architects and designers have delivered diverse projects with character. The house is great for short or long vacation though it would be also very suitable for permanent use. It is located in Chiva, which is a 20 minute drive from the capital of the province, Valencia.

el bosque house ramon esteve everythingwithatwist

The living room, the dinning room and the kitchen comprise an extended open space. As a result the house seems to be wider as the borders of each room are more blurry. “The volumes containing the living room, dining room and kitchen, although independent, visually connected thanks to its position, which gives the house more comprehensive and transparent.” Ramon Esteve explains. At the same time, the open space is with accordance to the outdoors setting as the the house was built in a nearby pine forest. “The opening sequence of the gaps of the house reflects the hierarchical order of the outdoor areas.” the architect suggests. A very interesting installation. Below pictures of the house as well as a video of it are presented.¬†Enjoy.


el bosque house ramon esteve everythingwithatwist





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el bosque house ramon esteve everythingwithatwist