Havana Cabs by Thomas Meinicke


Thomas Meinicke is a photographer specialising on daily life series, urban changes of items or scenes and portraits. In his eraly teens he started taking photos of anyhting that inspired him. He studied cultural and media pedagogic focusing in photography. After delivering “Aesthetic criteria of contemporary photography”, his thesis for his degree, he moved to Leipzig becoming a freelance photographer, though at his spare time creates his own projects.


For a lot of people they are a status symbol and main source of revenue […]. American antique cars are spread all over Cuba. Since the first half of the 20th century, they are a relic of the American influence. They already have become a cultural asset of Cuba. Most of the cars are still working, after more than 55 years.” Meinicke explains about the project. “Havana Cabs” has been exhibited in Cologne last year (2014) but also in Asia and more specifically in Beijing, Shanghai and Osaka the year before. Great project. Enjoy.

havana cabs thomas meinicke everythingwithatwist

havana cabs thomas meinicke everythingwithatwist


havana cabs thomas meinicke everythingwithatwist