B+B House by Studio mk27 & Galeria Arquitetos

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The house is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil showing an older view from the fourties and the fifties while Oscar Niemeyer was introducing Brazilian Modernism in architecture. When one approaches the house there is an open ramp in the Eastern side of the building. “This solution was vastly used by Brazilian modernism, which consecrated the radical use of ramps as a way of vertical circulation while reaffirming the Corbusian precepts of architectural promenade.” the architect suggests.

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But these references on Brazilian Modernism are also in the hollowed wall used to be a trend in the thirties, “very appropriate for the tropical climate since it allows for shading without blocking of the fresh breeze.

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As opposed to traditional architecture, the bedrooms are located in the first floor while the living room resides in the top floor being accessed through an internal staircase. “The wooden elements on this floor’s facade allow for the internal control of the sunlight and thus provides for a great thermal performance“. Studio mk27 & Galeria Arquitetos co-operated closely to build this house. The result is impressive. Enjoy.

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b+b house studio mk27 everythingwithatwist

b+b house studio mk27 everythingwithatwist

b+b house studio mk27 everythingwithatwist

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b+b house studio mk27 everythingwithatwist

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