Oscar Niemeyer Santa Monica mid 60s House


Oscar Niemeyer was a Brazilian architect basically being a key figure for developing the modern architecture, a movement started in the turn of 20th century. Niemeyer main focus was to structure Brasilia, a city to become the capital of Brazil in the sixties. He has also collaborated with other architects to design and build the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. The only residential house in the US is the one featured in here.

oscar niemeyer santa monica everythingwithatwist

Although Niemeyer could not get a visa in the 60s due to his political views (he was more left than US could afford at the certain time) the house was built in 1963 through correspondence in letters. The current occupants, Michael and Gabrielle Boyd, they bought the house in 2005. They did not restructure the house, instead they just polished it. “No major alterations were done to the house, except to the library, which was extended into the garage below,” says Michael Boyd. “No other walls were moved”. The result is marvellous. Enjoy.

oscar niemeyer santa monica everythingwithatwist



oscar niemeyer santa monica everythingwithatwist




oscar niemeyer santa monica everythingwithatwist