Philip Miller Photography


Philip Miller was born in Kent and currently resides in London. Miller has won the BBC London photographic competition in 2004. His main occupation is photography though related disciplines arises from his hands. His work has been exhibited in London, Cannes and New York. Wallpaper* Magazine used entirely Miller’s photos to publish the “Boston” book. From his site I picked this: “By his own admission, Miller is drawn towards warm climes and the saturation of his colours reflects this, giving his images a surreal quality” and it is true.

philip miller photography everythingwithatwist

Apart from capturing spectacular images he is also a film-maker. His most recent work was the short film “Why did you buy me plastic flowers?” competing in the London Short Film Fest 2012. He had extensive exposure to television having worked inSky, BBC and Channel 4, working both as director and camera operator and directing short films and music promos. Both his latest short film and photographs throughout his career is presented. Enjoy.


philip miller photography everythingwithatwist


philip miller photography everythingwithatwist


philip miller photography everythingwithatwist