The Urban Yoga by Anja Humljan

anja humljan urban yoga everythingwithatwist

Anja Humljan was a top athlete in track and fields ten years ago though the passion redirected her from being a top athlete to “[…] do art. Believing that all art comes from and returns to space, it became my primary objective to understand space itself“. She started studying architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia though some elements for space remained unresolved, so she enrolled in the Digital Design Department at Aalborg School for Architecture, Denmark. As she evolved over time she explored the connection between the individual and space through modern dance by spending some time in New York taking dance classes.


[…] in Australia, I created my first engaging method for analysing space, the video method PLES. Its name is an acrostic of four phases (Primary, Latent, Experimental, Secondary) as well as the Slovenian word for dance” explains, after studying sound Down Under. Currently she is a Yoga teacher practising on “the notion that our guiding principle is to live in harmony with ourselves as well as with the environment – any environment“.

anja humljan urban yoga everythingwithatwist

The project “The Urban Yoga” is to “explore alternative ways of understanding the relationship between the urban environment and our sensuous body“. The project took place between the last two years (2013/2014) and the actual places were the ones Humljan’s had worked as a freelance architect and designer: New York, Madrid, Paris and Ljubljana. Refreshing views of urban places. And even more engaging by knowing her journey. Enjoy.



anja humljan urban yoga everythingwithatwist



anja humljan urban yoga everythingwithatwist