Previously on EWAT [Fri 30 Jan – Thu 05 Feb]


Jessica Rimondi Paintings

Jessica Rimondi was born in Turin, Italy. Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe from London to Brescia.


Donovan – Sunshine Superman

Sunshine Superstar is a song written and recorded by Donovan,  a Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist specialising in jazz, pop, psychedelia, and calypso genres.


Refurbished Textile Factory, Katowice, Poland

Grzegorz Layer Architekt tried, and accomplished a wonderful job, to renovate an abandoned textile factory in Katowice, south-western of Poland.


Common Sleep Positions: Pros and Cons

There are several positions that anyone can sleep. Some great illustrations were covered to help understand the pros and cons for each position and also help for each one is given.


Artificial Lights in the Dark by Kevin Yang

Kevin Yang captured artificial lights in the city. These lights have a different sense, they are isolated in the dark instead of being within a city. The result is impressive.


Down the River, La Seine, by Adrian Skenderovic

Finally a series of the Seine, or specifically a series photographs of cruise boats os Seine by bridges. Great series.