Refurbished Textile Factory, Katowice, Poland

refurbished textile factory erythingwithatwist

Small industry vanishes year after year but what about using the resources once used, for a related discipline? Grzegorz Layer Architekt tried, and accomplished a wonderful job, to renovate an abandoned textile factory in Katowice, south-western of Poland resembling the renovated office in Mexico City. The building is a new home for Poszetka, a hand-made tailor brand specialising in men apparel accessories such as ties, pocket handkerchiefs and foulards.

refurbished textile factory erythingwithatwist

The refurbished textile factory is located in the centre of the city trying to prove its identity in a vibrant city, as Katowice “is a centre of science, culture, industry, business, trade, and transportation […]“. Production and retail functions are both accommodated in the same roof. “The part employed as the sales area and the office preserves the historic character of the textile industry’s interiors with remarkable mezzanine and examples of production residues[…]. The design’s idea was to tidy-up the insides after previous reconstructions. Originally there were five separate rooms, whereas currently it is only one open space” the architect suggests. Enjoy.

refurbished textile factory erythingwithatwist