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Portraits by Kris Coolens

Kris Coolens was born in Belgium and works and lives in Ghent. He is currently dedicated on portraying faces and he does it nicely. Individuality, loneliness, selfishness, solitary have different interpretations over different contexts. Coolens tried to depict individuality and solidarity through the faces of people he portrayed.


Single Vs Taken [French Version]

After the Single vs Taken illustrations by ScrollDroll here comes the French counterpart. The idea is the same, the illustrations have some near resemblances but also some distinct differences.


Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell

You Never Can Tell‘ was composed by Chuck Berry. The song is in the genre Rockabilly, and it was revived through the movie Pulp Fiction in 1994.


Joyce Polance Paintings

Joyce Polance was originally from New York. Her main medium is oil painting and if one checks her work she will realise the beauty of her paintings. Her work has been exhibited throughout USA, but also in private collections such as Commonwealth Edison and Deloitte.

Girls That Laugh by Danor Shtruzman

Girls That Laugh by Danor Shtruzman

Danor Shtruzman was born in Ramat Gan City, Israel and still lives in the same city. The project is exceptional, delicate and most importantly transmits happiness to its audience.

El Mirador, Valle de Bravo, Mexico by CC Arquitectos

El Mirador, Valle de Bravo, Mexico by CC Arquitectos

El Mirador, is a country house located in  Valle de Bravo. It is an area for relaxation and recreation being a 2 hour drive from Mexico City.


Hermès Bird Sculptures by Zim & Zou

A very creative approach to create Hermes Shanghai window by Zim & Zou.

Coffee Around the World

Coffee Around the World

Most of us need coffee at the start of a day, though how many of us know what are the available recipes for a coffee? Nine countries, nine lists of ingredients, nine preparations of a coffees, nine delicious coffees were prepared for you!