Hermès Bird Sculptures by Zim & Zou

hermes bird sculptures everythingwithatwist

Hermès had created some diverse yet elegant and noteworthy store-front, but this installation in Shanghai provides something unique. Having as raw material leather, Zim & Zou tried to illustrate some animals that are not very common neither on a city, nor in a window shop and further still in an Hermes window shop. The animals on display were birds, fishes, insects created by colourful leather and paper. In this post the birds, the longest to create, are featured: a peacock, an owl, a golden pheasant, a hoopoe, a hummingbird.


It’s obviously one of our favourite parts of the windows,” stated Zim & Zou. “It measures almost 1.5 meters, fully hand-made with paper and tape for the structure, leather offcuts carefully selected from Hermes workshops for the feathers and head, and just two small pearls to give it a ‘deeper look’. […] It’s quite a long process, but that’s the most exciting thing, too” they explained. It is indeed a long process though a rewarding one for both sides: the creators and the audience. Enjoy.

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hermes bird sculptures everythingwithatwist