Girls That Laugh by Danor Shtruzman


Danor Shtruzman was born in Ramat Gan City, Israel and still lives in the same city. “[…] last year I decided to draw happy laughing girls in order to fill my house and life with joy. I made 20 collage book papers by glueing one piece of an image and paint them with watercolour with a brush to create my happy laughing girls” he explains about his project and it is indeed true. If one watches happiness she or he adapts to the environment, becomes more happy. If one adapts as a way of life evolves to happier states of minbd. Shtruzman expressed this idea finely.

women laughing danor shtruzman everythingwithatwist

Shtruzman’s Laughing Girls has resemblances with Roy Lichtenstein’s girls though Shtruzman provided something different. something unique.  An interesting interview is shared at ArtMANAGER7 magazine. “I decide to work on book paper because it reminds me for my grandma’s old yellowish books.   […] I prefer to paint mostly faces of happy girls at the special moment in which I recognize the pure joy the head is up and you can see the neck and the jaw ” he explains. The project is exceptional, delicate and most importantly transmits happiness to its audience. Well done. Enjoy.


women laughing danor shtruzman everythingwithatwist






women laughing danor shtruzman everythingwithatwist