Single Vs Taken [French Version]


After the Single vs Taken illustrations by ScrollDroll here comes the French counterpart. The idea is the same, the illustrations have some near resemblances but also some distinct differences. Communicating over the phone or having the same budget with different priorities over a Friday night are very near in both two projects. 


In the French edition they concentrated mostly on specific times of a day over the week: Friday evening, Saturday Afternoon, Sunday morning. The result is more prominent as most of us could visualise our Sunday morning: formal lunch or snoozing in bed? Very clever approach. This is the second project by Gustave & Rosalie after “Men’s Expectations and Reality about Sex“. Enjoy.

Quick translation on each image.


single vs taken french everythingwithatwist

Vendredi: Friday

single vs taken french everythingwithatwist

Samedi: Saturday


Dimanche: Sunday



C’est mort: out of the question; y’a moyen: it is possible; merde: shit