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Heavy Metal House, Joplin, Missouri, USA

A dense installation in Missouri, USA was presented. Dense and very beautiful.


Ben Hopper Transfiguration: People Becoming Abstract Sculptures

Ben Hopper, a London-based photographer,  challenges art through his photography by engaging bodies, faces and people in general within his settings. In the project ‘Transfiguration‘ he captures bodies as if there were actual sculptures wonderfully.

The Cat Empire - L'hotel De Californie

The Cat Empire – L’hotel De Californie

The song was first featured in the first of a various compilation series “Like a Version“. An amazing edition of Hotel California.


24HoursX90Years by Simona Bonanno

The project ‘24hoursX90years‘ is, apart from exceptional photograph capturing, a story over time of people living on their own (and not necessarily about loneliness). Aunt Sara addapted the new characteristics into her lifestyle but her core, vintage way of living is intact.


The Cost of Living All Over The World

A very creative report was made by  MoveHub, an excellent resource for one that needs to go abroad. All indices were based upon New York City prices.

The Poverty Line by Stefen Chow

The Poverty Line by Stefen Chow

Stefen Chow – born in Malaysia, moved to Singapore and currently lives in Beijing – tried to identify what is poverty in 24 in all 6 continents with the help of economist  Hui-Yi Lin. The result is impressive.


Men’s Expectations and Reality about Sex

It seems that men does not understand the backbone of fulfilling the needs of a woman.  Gustave & Rosalie pinpointed this elegantly.

Energy Efficient House Renovation, La Moraleja, Madrid by ABATON Arquitectura

Energy Efficient House Renovation, La Moraleja, Madrid by ABATON Arquitectura

A house built originally in 1984 at  La Moraleja needed a lifting. ABATON Arquitectura refreshed aesthetically but also as far as efficient of energy is concerned.