Men’s Expectations and Reality about Sex


Do men have unrealistic expectations about sex? Is this the case? It seems that throughout these creative illustrations men think that they are the ONLY one in the world, they think that girls are saints, and they love them no matter what. Men expect that women do what they are supposed to do as opposed to what they desire. Well, the illustrations may be an exaggeration of the reality though they are on the right direction.

expectations and reality about sex everythingwithatwist

Nowadays women are desirable, lovely and very liberated, as a result they think and act as they wish. Men, aside from being naive, they are not fully realised the current context: women do not behave how men want. Rather women follow their passions, their desires, their goals. The illustrations were shared over Gustave & Rosalie. There will also be the Single Vs Taken, French Edition, very shortly. Enjoy.

expectations and reality about sex everythingwithatwist




expectations and reality about sex everythingwithatwist