The Cost of Living All Over The World

cost of living everythingwithatwist

One could identify the cost of living of her own country by examining the cost on her wallet. But what about checking the cost of living in a different country let alone in a different continent? MoveHub, an excellent resource for one that needs to go abroad, has compiled a wonderful report having as data (the data are not exhaustive, rather are indicative) groceries, restaurant prices, rent prices, public transport costs, much like calculating the inflation rate of a country. All indices were calculated relative to New York City.

cost-of-living-everythingwithatwist-11cost of living everythingwithatwist

The report has results throughout the world: Europe, North, Central and South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia and finally Australia and SE Asia. The outcome is impressive. Switzerland is the most expensive country currently, followed closely by Norway and Venezuela. On the other side of the coin the less expensive countries are India, Nepal and Pakistan followed by Northern African countries. This report resembles the one about Most Popular Second Language, again by MoveHub. Enjoy.

cost of living everythingwithatwist