Reversed Portraits by Nettie Wakefield

reversed portrait nettie wakefield everythingwithatwist

Nettie Wakefield

Nettie Wakefield is a British artist living and working in London. She started her art education at Chelsea College of Art. Initially, went for a foundation year continuing at Leeds University to receive her BA in Art History. In addition, she got her masters at Wimbledon College of Art in Drawing. Her predominant style is drawing in pencil and in fact every drawing is exceptional.

reversed portrait nettie wakefield everythingwithatwist

Reversed Portraits

She has exhibited her work in London several times. Her most recent exhibition was at Rook and Raven Gallery. “Nettie Wakefield is a strikingly talented young artist with an acute eye for detail.” the gallery proposed. The artist uses traditional methods, to depict more abstract ideas. Moreover, uses these methods in unfamiliar ways.

reversed portrait nettie wakefield everythingwithatwist

In June 2014 she donated her work in a charity auction organised by Christies alongside Tracey Emin, The Chapman brothers and Jonathan Yeo to raise money for The Old Vic. In this post her series Reversed Portrait is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.