FT House, Sao Paulo, Brasil

ft house sao paulo everythingwithatwist

The office appointed for the construction was Reinach Mendonca Arquitetos Associados, a firm that built a marvellous house named MG Residence  some time ago, having a pool and gym within the perimeter of the house. As opposed to MG house, FT House is rawer, having visible concrete externally. Inside the house elegant touches are visible. The area of the house itself is almost 1,000 sq.m. a third of the plot area.


“In this holiday and weekend home in Sao Paulo, a steep terrain and a nice view were the main elements defining the location and volume of the project” the architect suggested. The house fitted perfectly with the surrounding area becoming part of it. FT house is spread out in the extended atrium besides the pool, becoming part of the house. A house that definitely would love to be for my vacation once in a while. Enjoy.

ft house sao paulo everythingwithatwist








ft house sao paulo everythingwithatwist