Autumn Chimeras by Gaelle Villedary


All of us have seen autumn leaves but who can see a hybrid leaf in an alley or in the park? Gaelle Villedary tried to bypass all technical difficulties a scientist could have arose, and as an artist, realised hybrid plants by scewing different breed leaves together. She has a degree in Applied Arts from Strasbourg and currently collaborates with Hatim Elmrini in Green Object Studio. She currently focuses on the areal transformations of life and the nature itself. This is how she came up with the current project, “chimeres d’automne”.


Villedary grew up in different environments having lived in La Cadiere d’Azur, France, to Douala, Cameroon and finally in Casablanca, Morocco. Living in different places while growing up, diverse environments and change in general is very normal for her.


As she travelled when she was younger diversity, evolution and genetic change is within her nature. This is evident form her site: “Between drawings and installations, quality materials and salvaged ones, the hybrid work is always a product of the life form and its future prospects. How to deal with reality not as inevitable but as an open space for a possible rebound. How to remain on the edge of figuration and abstraction, but without deciding on one side or the other, and yet in a constant movement from one to the other“. Enjoy.