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Hong Kong Streets by Sarah Choi

Hong Kong Streets is a project compiled by Sarah Choi an emerging star working in Hong Kong. She was using her iPhone to capture her vibrant, colourful images until a friend of hers advised her to get a camera. The result is impressive.

le vent nous portera

Unknown – Le Vent Nous Portera

Le vent nous portera‘ is a great song by a not very good person as leader of Noir Desir. This verison is from unknown artist though it is awesome.


Carmel Jenkin Drawings

Carmel Jenkin is an Australian artist focusing in drawing, though she has other styles as well in her arsenal. In this post her overall work is presented.

78 Classic Cocktail Recipes One Should Know

78 Classic Cocktail Recipes One Should Know

A very elegant and at the same time very detailed effort about classic cocktails and their recipes were presented. 78 distinct cocktails categorised as  All Day Cocktails, Before Dinner Cocktails, After Dinner Cocktails, Long Drinks and Sparkling Cocktails.

Sentosa House, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sentosa House, Sentosa Island, Singapore

A great installation, Sentosa House, that resides in Sentosa Island was covered.

Bob Dylan - Little Drummer Boy

Bob Dylan – Little Drummer Boy

At the end of the New Year’s Eve something different was shared. Indeed was a Christmas Song, though with a twist. Bob Dylan singing Little Drummer Boy.

True Fact Medical Posters

True Fact Medical Posters

In first day of 2015 some very creative illustrations were covered. True facts about specific organs of the human most people do not know were shared.