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Mark Sanders Swimmers

Pool Divers by Mark Sanders

Mark Sanders dove into the swimming pool and emerged with some wonderful photographs of one of the most exciting sports of the whole Summer Olympic Games: Diving.

John Legend - Save Room

John Legend – Save Room

The song for this week was released from Legend’s second album Once Again in 2006. It is great song that became vintage from its release.

Corkellis House, Cornwall, UK

Corkellis House, Cornwall, UK

This house that resides in Cornwall has a unique place very near the sea  but the most intriguing of it is the furniture. Mild, elegant furniture that is not loud, rather is complimentary to the space occupied.

7 sleep mistakes everythingwithatwist

7 Sleep Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making

Mistakes that many people make while sleeping were shared in this post. 49% of people have never taken steps to help them sleep and this something every needs to know.

calories xmas everythingwithatwist

What Does 200 Calories Look Like [Christmas Edition ]?

In Christmas Eve most of us are anxious to be happy, but how many of us know the calories we consume? An application did it for us identifying the amount of Christmas food summing to 200 calories.

Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Merry Christmas, Baby

Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers – Merry Christmas, Baby

The original Merry Christmas, Baby by Johny Moore’s Three Blazers were presented at Christmas Eve.


David Stewart Photography

David Stewart is a British photographer focusing on advertising and fine art photography. In the latest post his overall work is presented.