Previously on EWAT [Fri 05 – Thu 11 Dec]

bon voyage illustrations everythingwithatwist

Bon Voyage Illustrations by Muti Studio

This is a new column that tries to sum up the latest activity on EverythingWithATwist. It will be a review of the posts of the week. It will be published every Thursday evening as we are approaching to the weekend, having posts from last Friday to current Thursday. So, let’s star.

The golden age of travel was depicted elegantly through some elegant destinations in Europe. St. Moritz, Riviera and San Pietro, or Bon Voyage Illustrations by Muti Studio.


Buddy Holly – True Love Ways

A great song by Buddy Holly, a influencer of very great performers of music, was presented. The name? True Love Ways, a wedding present for his wife.

davide cambria portraits everythingwithatwist

Portraits by Davide Cambria

Some very interesting portraits were shred early this week. Davide Cambria is an Italian painter that started as an architect but his passion about painting won.

games around the world everythingwithatwist

Games Around the World

Infographics from 80 countries describing their folk games were created by Cape Portfolio, a real estate agency in Cape Town. Creative, funny and also very informative about the cultures. Astonishing work.

new york manfred hufschmid everythingwithatwist

Mid-Century House in New York

An iconic house by Manfred H. Hufschmid in New York was presented later this week. Earthy colours in furniture blended smoothly with the building materials creating an astonishing result.

ships from above dirk brommel everythingwithatwist

Ships from Above by Dirk Brömmel

Finally, an astonishing view of ships -cargo, passenger or smaller ones- were captured by German photographer Dirk Brömmel . Hope you have enjoyed the first review. Enjoy the weekend.