Netherlands Garage Transformation to an Open Work Space by Hilberink Bosch

hilberink bosch garage

This place was an Opel garage and was abandoned for over 15 years until two very creative collaborations transformed it to an open space for both work but also for living purposes. Petra Janssen and Edwin Vollebergh, having a multi disciplinary design studio named Studio Boot, had an alliance with Hilberink Bosch, a Netherlands-based architectural office. They  retouched the Netherlands garage to create life in a formerly deserted place. They blended equally good work and life as if the 1,000 sq.m. is the playground for everyone. The furniture fits exactly with the surroundings. The result is astonishing. Enjoy.

everythingwithatwist hilberink bosch garage everythingwithatwist


hilberink bosch garage  hilberink-bosch-garage-everythingwithatwist-12


everythingwithatwisteverythingwithatwist hilberink bosch garage everythingwithatwist