Pool Villa, Lido di Jesolo, Venice, Italy


This house was designed and built by jm architecture, an office based in Milan with international orientation. The installation was buit in the 15 km-long beach area of Lido di Jesolo, in the province of Venice.The house was constructed in only 6-months as the design was a prefab solution due to the small size of the plot area. Due to this restriction – the area was 320 sq.m. –  they tried to built the house having in mind to leave as much space as possible. 


The indoor living area has transparent sides which opens towards two different-sized patios. The largest one, to the west, features a long swimming pool, which takes the entire length of the space, and two planted square inserts” they explain. Having in mind client’s requests they created a simple, low maintenance outdoor area but at the same time elegant. “[…] most of the surface was paved and the plants in the inserts where selected in order to live with the least care possible“. The result is impressive. Enjoy.

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