Photographer’s Villa, Llandudno, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa


While I was designing my own place I was indulged by AD magazine (especially the Spanish version). By looking at this article on the Russian counterpart I loved the journey Jean-Marc Lederman, a French photographer, had made to re-build this lovely Villa. He stayed for a whole year to study the light and how it evolves through time before taking any action.  “I needed to feel that this place, and then redo something,” he says. Patience is a virtue many should need. As there was a fire some time ago in the place Lederman instead of repairing the damaged walls and ceiling, these parts were remained in the living room creating his own perspective for the house. Furniture is both new and mid 20th century blending two eras smoothly. Finally he added some traditional South African sculptures and paintings to successfully garnish the interior. The result is impressive.

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