March 2014 - EverythingWithATwist

Green Lantern House, Alamo Heights, San Antonio, Texas, US

Situated in Alamo Height of the city of San Antonio, this installation was built by John Grable architectural office, Grable being the chief of the team himself….

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Song 17: Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side

Song 17: Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side

Walk on the Wild Side was produced in 1972 as a feature song from the album Transformer by David Bowie. The song has a tremendous calmness…

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Aerial Photography of Beaches of Tuscany by Alex S. MacLean

Alex S. MacLean is an American photographer with focus on aerial photography. He has a bachelors degree of Arts from Harvard College and a masters of…

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Narrative Paintings by Richard J. Oliver

Richard J. Oliver was born in Wales having a an honorary degree in Fine Art from the University Of West of England and undertaking a Masters in…

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Song 16: Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love (With Some You Shouldn't)

Song 16: Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love (With Some You Shouldn’t)

“Ever Fallen In Love” was first introduced by Buzzcocks, an English punk group, in 1978 hitting no. 12 in UK Singles chart. After the first release…

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Gallerie Mikael Andersen, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

Galerie Mikael Andersen was first opened in Copenhagen in 1989. After almost 20 year of fruitful interaction with art the owner of the gallery needed a…

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Famous Caricatures by Viktor Miller-Gausa

Viktor Miller-Gausa resides in St. Petersburg, Russia. His main focus is in illustrations though throughout an informal bet he tried, for the first time, to create…

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Zeng Fanzhi: Most Expensive Living Asian Artist

Zeng Fanzhi was born in Wuhan and currently lives and works in Beijing. While at art school, Zeng paid a particular interest in German Expressionist painters…

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Men’s Fashion at Its Best

Fashion is, overall, subjective though there are on my view some objective elements that are still standing: pochets, ties, classic colours, leather shoes. Not too…

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