Interior Architecture in Cinema by Federico Babina


Federico Babina strikes again. After the strong impression he made in Archicine illustrations, he now bisects the buildings that are on display in the movies and explores them with his unique perception. From Vertigo to All About My Mother seeks the houses in question from inside. Stylish yet extremely detailed, the illustrations give the audience a wide view of the houses. Every movie is selected carefully as each one has its own history. It is very interesting to see some houses externally and internally through this images, like the house of The Party or the one on North by Northwest. I hope I see new material by Babina soon as whatever he does is very attractive. Enjoy.

02-breakfast-at-tiffany-babina-everythingwithatwist 03-clockwork-orange-babina-everythingwithatwist 04-the-party-babina-everythingwithatwist 05-the-shining-babina-everythingwithatwist 06-north-by-northwest-babina-everythingwithatwist 07-goldfinger-babina-everythingwithatwist 08-all-about-my-mother-babina-everythingwithatwist 09-rope-babina-everythingwithatwist 10-2001-a-space-odyssey-babina-everythingwithatwist 11-play-time-babina-everythingwithatwist 12-the-end-of-violence-babina-everythingwithatwist 13-star-wars-babina-everythingwithatwist 14-the-hudsucker-proxy-babina-everythingwithatwist 15-barefoot-in-the-park-babina-everythingwithatwist 16-modern-times-babina-everythingwithatwist 17-bell-book-and-candle-babina-everythingwithatwist