Country House Recovery and Transformation, Tuscany, Italy


A house almost torn apart was found in Santa Lucia, in the foothills of Apennine Mountains. The owners of the building, Paolo and Alessia, instead of tearing apart the house they decided to fully restore it. They contacted b-arch architectura, who worked with studio q-bic, creating this unique result.


The goal was the return to origins“, says Alessandro Capellaro, a partner of b-arch. “The skin of the house is left as it was, although adapting to seismic legislation and building insulation. The distribution was not touched, walls were removed so that the place being more sunny“. Now their three children and the couple moved from the nearby town Prato to the restored country house. A place indeed healthier for their children and also a better place to practice Alessia’s passion, the triathlon. Enjoy.

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