Drawings with Social and Political Flavour by Dima Rebus


Dima Rebus is a Russian artist based in Moscow. Apart from the elegant result presented, the twist of these illustrations is the nature of the illustrations themselves. Political views, social dilemmas, irony per se… all of these are in the drawings, trying to get the audience’s attention. Being the audience made me think for the current society and whether other alternatives could be better than what we are now.

dima-rebus-everythingwithatwist-02 dima-rebus-everythingwithatwist-03 dima-rebus-everythingwithatwist-04 dima-rebus-everythingwithatwist-05 dima-rebus-everythingwithatwist-06 dima-rebus-everythingwithatwist-07 dima-rebus-everythingwithatwist-08 dima-rebus-everythingwithatwist-09 dima-rebus-everythingwithatwist-10