City Screenprints by Ronan O’Gara and Peter Dillon


Ronan O’Gara and Peter Dillon founded Me&Him&You Studio based in Dublin. As friends and family of Ronan and Peter left Ireland to go to other cities such as Hong-Kong, London, New York City they reminded them of a custom of Irish people being emigrants over the years. They created these lovely prints, depicting the essence of the architectural scene in each city but also coupling it to the local drink. From Tour Eiffel to Manhattan cocktail and from Guinness beer to ICC tower. Innovative approach of illustrating a city. Well done.

mehimyou-02-london-everythingwithatwist mehimyou-03-new-york-city-everythingwithatwist mehimyou-04-dublin-everythingwithatwist mehimyou-05-hong-kong-everythingwithatwist mehimyou-06-berlin-everythingwithatwist mehimyou-07-toronto-everythingwithatwist mehimyou-08-boston-everythingwithatwist