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Straw Hat Factory Apartment, Kungsholmen, Lake Mälaren, Sweden

Straw Hat Factory Apartment, Kungsholmen, Lake Mälaren, Sweden

This refurbished apartment is resided in a building built in 1887, in Kungsholmen, an island in Lake Mälaren in Sweden. Being less than 90 sq.m., the space…

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Black and White Street Photography by Thomas Leuthard

Thomas Leuthard has his base in Switzerland though he travels around the world to capture life on the streets. And he does it wonderfully. Apart from…

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Artwork by Andrew Gareth Young

Andrew Gareth Young is resided in Vancouver, Canada. “My technical focus is to illuminate subjects with areas of saturated clarity, while obscuring them with textures of the known…

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Waterhouse Loft, London, UK

The building in which the apartment resides, located in Bermondsey Street, SE1, was previously a tin and zinc factory. Form Design Architecture, the office that was responsible to…

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Song 12: Marianne Faithfull - So sad

Song 12: Marianne Faithfull – So sad

Marianne Faithful is a British singer, songwriter and actress and she had a romantic relationship with Mick Jagger between 1966 and 1970. The song So…

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Drawings by Jason Thielke

Jason Thielke grew up in Tempe, Arizona taking summer art classes with adults at Arizona State University. He got his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University…

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Residence in Eixample quarter, Barcelona, Spain

Eixample is an area in Barcelona constructed in 19th and early 20th century. Some pioneering architects, including Antonio Gaudi, contributed for Eixample to have its characteristic…

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Portraits by Charlene Van Den Eng

Charlene has studied in Amsterdam Art-Fashion Institute AMFI. Her main technique is oil painting and over the years she gradually focused her work in portraits. Before she…

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Caricatures by Marie-Helene Jeeves

MH Jeeves has studied architecture at Cambridge University though she now pursues her passion in illustration after getting a degree from Saint Martins College [more here]….

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