Portraits by Henri Lamy


Henri Lamy is a French artist focusing on acrylic painting. He is influenced by Polloc, one of the most important abstract painters in early 20th century. Apart from Henri’s French exhibitions he has traveled East to exhibit his work at Beijing and Nanjing by creating two new series. Being active, Henri is part of the 59 Rivoli Art Squat, consisting of more than 30 artists in Paris trying to flourish art by exploring the potentials of it in the city. I was fascinated by his work, abstract yet expressive as well. Enjoy.

henri-lamy-everythingwithatwist-02 henri-lamy-everythingwithatwist-03 henri-lamy-everythingwithatwist-04 henri-lamy-everythingwithatwist-05 henri-lamy-everythingwithatwist-06 henri-lamy-everythingwithatwist-07 henri-lamy-everythingwithatwist-08 henri-lamy-everythingwithatwist-09 henri-lamy-everythingwithatwist-10 henri-lamy-everythingwithatwist-11 henri-lamy-everythingwithatwist-12