Paintings by Truls Espedal


Truls Espedal was born in Norway. He has a bachelors degree in illustrations and a masters in Arts and Visual Communication both at Kent Institute of Art and Design. His paintings are very expressive depicting, apart from the stances of bodies, the feelings of each subject. The result is noticeable and needs closer attention. This post presents Truls’ overall work. Enjoy.

truls-espedaltruls-espedal-02 truls-espedaltruls-espedal-04 truls-espedaltruls-espedal-05 truls-espedaltruls-espedal-06 truls-espedaltruls-espedal-07


truls-espedaltruls-espedal-09 truls-espedaltruls-espedal-10 truls-espedaltruls-espedal-11