Hidden Treasures in Modena, Italy

Hidden Treasures Modena everythingwithatwist

Apart from the quantity of this collection, which is huge, there are some very rare cars like the Alfa Tazio Nuvolari’s 8C 2300 or the first car built by Enzo Ferrari after departed from Alfa Romeo. Current owner of the collection is Mario Righi residing in a centuries-old castle among vineyards outside of Modena, Italy. This collection has started to grow before the World War II. Obsolete cars were sent to family’s scrap yard to be torn down by the government at the time. Mario’s father identified that some cars were not to be destroyed and started collecting them. The result is evident. For more photos you can visit petrolicious site.

Photography by Afshin Behnia and Josh Clason.

Hidden Treasures Modena everythingwithatwist



Hidden Treasures Modena everythingwithatwist





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