Intuitive Drawings by Stefan Zsaitsits


Stefan Zsaitsits was born in Austria having a degree of Applied Arts from Vienna University. What he does is unique as although the faces, the hair and the overall stances of the girls and the boys are cute, he goes one step further and examines the mind of the subject each time. His work, on the writer’s view, is to unravel intuitive feelings, fears and desires. Great work.

everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-02 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-03 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-04 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-05 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-06 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-07 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-08 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-09 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-10 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-11 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-12 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-13 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-14 everythingwithatwist-zsaitsits-15