Hyperrealism Portraits by Vania Comoretti


Vania Comoretti is an Italian artist focusing on Hyperrealism. She was born in Udine and works in her hometown and in Venice. Her drawings are made through a mixed technique: water-colour, Indian ink and pastel on paper. Instances of the same person are displayed successively as one watches a piece of Vania’s work.


It seems like a photographer captured a person in several poses though these pieces are drawn by the artist. Vania has several awards (Winner of Saatchi “SHOWDOWN” competition 2007, Winner of the “Premio Acquisto”, Cassa di Risparmio of Venice, 2006 to name two). In this post her overall work is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.

everythingwithatwist-vania-comoretti-03 everythingwithatwist-vania-comoretti-04 everythingwithatwist-vania-comoretti-05 everythingwithatwist-vania-comoretti-06 everythingwithatwist-vania-comoretti-07 everythingwithatwist-vania-comoretti-08 everythingwithatwist-vania-comoretti-09 everythingwithatwist-vania-comoretti-10everythingwithatwist-vania-comoretti-11