Flower Refinement by Colour by Emily Blincoe


Emily Bliocoe, born and raise in Austin Texas, is a freelance photographer that enjoys working in colours most of the times in a series. Like in Sugar Series, here she worked with flowers trying to refine them by colour. She named this series The Garden Collection. I loved the whole series but some colours loved them in particular: Yellow and White.

everythingwithatwist-blincoe-flower-02 everythingwithatwist-blincoe-flower-03 everythingwithatwist-blincoe-flower-04 everythingwithatwist-blincoe-flower-05 everythingwithatwist-blincoe-flower-06 everythingwithatwist-blincoe-flower-07 everythingwithatwist-blincoe-flower-08