The Dive by Dirk Rees


I was amazed by looking at this series: vibrant scenes under water. Dirk Rees is a sport professional photographer. Every scene fully captures the movement of the subject though there is also a past and future coupled within the scene. Doing underwater photography one needs to have been expert above the water firstly. Enjoy the rest of the photographs.

everythingwithatwist-dirkrees-02 everythingwithatwist-dirkrees-03 everythingwithatwist-dirkrees-04 everythingwithatwist-dirkrees-05 everythingwithatwist-dirkrees-06 everythingwithatwist-dirkrees-07 everythingwithatwist-dirkrees-08 everythingwithatwist-dirkrees-09 everythingwithatwist-dirkrees-10 everythingwithatwist-dirkrees-11 everythingwithatwist-dirkrees-12