Flower Sculpture in Mexico City


Through the current movement ‘Los Oficios tomarán el Centro Histórico’ (‘The Crafts in Historical Center’), the abierto mexicano de diseno, the international design festival in Mexico,  invited  the japanese floral artist azuma makoto to create this wonderful sculpture. The installation was made in Alameda Central, one of the most distinctive public spaces of the city. This is an excellent initiative to promote the city itself. Well done Mexico city hoping other cities mimic this initiative.

Azuma_photo_by_-Shiinoki-06 Azuma_photo_by_-Shiinoki-08 Azuma_photo_by_-Shiinoki-09 Azuma_photo_by_-Shiinoki-10 Azuma_photo_by_-Shiinoki-11 Azuma_photo_by_-Shiinoki-13 Azuma_photo_by_-Shiinoki-15 Azuma_photo_by_-Shiinoki-16 Azuma_photo_by_-Shiinoki-18 Azuma_photo_by_-Shiinoki-19 Azuma_photo_by_-Shiinoki-20 big_flowers big_green park sketch