Portraits by Harding Meyer


Realistic Portraits

Harding Meyer is a Brazilian artist who currently lives and works in Berlin. He is best known for his large-scale realistic portraits. Meyer uses vibrant colors to express his work. Furthermore, distinct shapes are throughout his work. “A good painting can be disgusting or beautiful, but it is always emotionally moving.” he explains. “The context changes when choosing the detail and then again during the process of painting“.


Harding Meyer

Harding Meyer was born in 1964 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He has a degree from Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künst in Karlsruhe, Germany. Currently, he lives and works both in Berlin and in Karlsruhe. In fact, his work has been exhibited throughout the world including Odon Wagner Gallery in Toronto, James Coleman Gallery in London and Galerie Voss in Düsseldorf (latest show performed). The result is impressive. Enjoy.





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