Folded Leaf – Huawei

‘folded leaf’ concept phone by claesson koivisto rune for huawei
a return to basic functionality and ergonomic design characterizes the ‘folded leaf’ concept phone,
designed for huawei by stockholm-based studio claesson koivisto rune and on display during milan design week 2011.

the curved shape of the ‘folded leaf’ is the foundation of its design, engineered to provide a user experience
that is comfortable, intuitive, and accessible. following the natural curve of one’s head, the shape creates an optimal angle
between the microphone and speaker, and the slight lift to the display reduces reflection and improves screen visibility
when handled in the hand. the design also offers structural protection against scratches to the screen even when lain
on its surface. a flat cut to the base of the phone allows it to rest stably, while the natural weight distribution of the design
contributes to easy handling and comfort.
the rear camera of the device, as well as its speaker, is integrated into an eye graphic,
illustrating the nature of the intuitive functionality that claesson koivisto rune hopes to offer with ‘folded leaf’. the design studio reflects: ‘we talked about designing the kind of phone that focuses on core functionality.
we wanted a shape that was thin but with distinct definition of form,
‘ and in the final product, the result
of user-focused research, prototype testing, and engineering, ‘every curve, facet, angle and proportion
optimises the user experience.

side view of the ‘folded leaf’

an integrated USB port provides charging and data transfer capability for the phone, which has already been prototyped
in a range of colours, and is expected to be available in september of 2011.

the phone on display during milan design week 2011

‘folded leaf’ is thin but designed to fit the natural curves of the human face, and provide optimal weight distribution

the phone’s design facilitates comfortable handling

the phone has been produced in yellow, green, pink, red, silver, blue, and a range of other colors, part of the designers’ emphasis on the human experience of using the phone

front and side views of the ‘folded leaf’

the phone’s camera and speaker are incorporated into an eye icon

a 3d printed model illustrates the leaf-like structure that give the phone its name

Found at designboom