Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis Photograph Architecture

Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis are a team from Valencia, Spain that photograph orthodox themes, with an unorthodox way. Rueda is a photgrapher and architect, Devis is an architect and a designer. The two of them have created several photography projects.

Before becoming an aeronautic maintenance technician, my father was a photographer. He used to do something very different to what I do today, but I’ve always liked to have that connection […]” Rueda says, “I discovered photography because of my father, or thanks to him, but there is no doubt that I am where I am today because of [architectural] studies“. Studies and work does not need to be very near one another. A bachelors can craft the mind, then one can do whatever she prefers.

The latest series is an architectural one having architectural elements as characters of the photographs. Colourfoul, neat and precise photographs depict several corenrs of Valencia. In the fornt seat of the photographs though, Devis and Rueda are there. The result is impressive. Enjoy.