Zoe Chan’s Herringbone House, North-East London


Zoe Chan was born in London from Chinese parents, but both of them were in Europe early in their lives. Having graduated from from Cambridge University and The Architectural Association her first endeavour was to, hopefully unsuccessful, to establish her career in banking industry. Currently she is devoted to Atelier ChanChan, a practice closer to her mindset combining architecture and art to create urban installations.


Through her Atelier she completed the Herringbone House, a house which shares it with Merlin Eayrs. The house resides in north-east London having fully restored as it was almost abandoned “It was in such bad repair, so everything needed to come down,” Chan was explaining.

zoe chan herringbone house everythingwithatwist

The house resides on the borders of Islington and Hackney in a neighbourhood that has Victorian houses. Having two floors the lower one has an open space for living room and dinning room having also fitted the kitchen. On the upper floor there are the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Although in the exterior the Victorian façade was refreshed, in the interior a minimal perspective was emerged. The result is impressive. Enjoy.

zoe chan herringbone house everythingwithatwist






zoe chan herringbone house everythingwithatwist




zoe chan herringbone house everythingwithatwist


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