Abstract Portraits by Han Xiao


Han Xiao was born in LiaoNing, a province of China located in the northeast of the country. She has a degree from Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University. She has also an affirmation, and encouragement of what she currently does, by the director Academy of Fine Arts Shi Chong from the university where she studied. She has worked outside the art community being a designer and even a high school teacher though all of this time she was closely watching art indirectly.

portraits han xiao everythingwithatwist

Her work is intense trying to identify the loneliness and the anxiety each person feels in some periods of life. Her main theme are portraits though the person she paints is hazy; she prefers to show a vaguer idea of the person in a more abstract way. In an recent interview she explains her work, but most importantly explains the development of an artist and the slow start. She told a parabola about the bamboo tree that grows in Eastern China, “Even if a farmer takes care of the bamboo plant, it will only grow three cm in four years after the seeds germinate. However, five years later, the growth rate of bamboo can be 30 cm per day. It can grow up to 15 meters!“. This is true and applies to any discipline, to any person. Enjoy.

portraits han xiao everythingwithatwist

portraits han xiao everythingwithatwist


portraits han xiao everythingwithatwist