School Lunches Around the World

school lunches around the world everythingwithatwist

Everyone says about sleeping properly, excercise enough, eat well tough how many of us do it properly? If a child starts early in her life a healthier lifestyle, then it would be followed throughout a lifetime. And having healthy days is as having joyful days, days with a less to think of.

school lunches around the world everythingwithatwist

Sweetgreen is an American organisation informing people on healthy food. Founded in 2007 providing delicious food, yet according to its principles. Its latest contribution is helathy school lunches around the world. They studied its country location, ingredients that provdes and the traditions of each country and created a wonderful photo-book. From Finland to Greece and from Brazil to South Korea, they depicted delicious meals having all of the nutrition families: carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Enjoy.

school lunches around the world everythingwithatwist

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