Dots by Adara Sánchez Anguiano


Adara Sánchez Anguiano started her education in Sevilla, her home-town, but continued and finished her studies between Belgium and Cuenca to get a Fine Art degree. Afterwards she got her masters in Barcelona in illustrations and now is back again in Sevilla enjoying the sun. She has a very distinct style with her lines being rough and I got engaged instantly. I watched the scenes absorbed from the details of a hand to the overall body sketched. The elbows, the arms, even the backs of the illustrations in front of the coloured dots have the sense of distance but at the same time are so near.  It is like one have seen the sketches but needs to see them more. Enjoy the rest of the series.

adara-sanchez-everythingwithatwist-02 adara-sanchez-everythingwithatwist-03 adara-sanchez-everythingwithatwist-04 adara-sanchez-everythingwithatwist-05 adara-sanchez-everythingwithatwist-6 adara-sanchez-everythingwithatwist-07 adara-sanchez-everythingwithatwist-08 adara-sanchez-everythingwithatwist-09 adara-sanchez-everythingwithatwist-10