Cresta Residence, La Jolla, San Diego, CA, USA


Cresta residence resides at the 7 miles coast of La Jolla, created by architect Jonathan Segal. The industrial yet minimal approach of the construction is far different from the neighbouring houses. External and internal parts of the installation connect one another as one. This was needed as houses in the area are three or even four times bigger than this isntallation. The architect needed to integrate the external to internal parts so that the house would occupy the external parts as well (further information here). As far as the lighting is concerned, it is evident by looking at the glass partitions there is plenty of sun to cover lighting. The plot is almost 500 square meters and the installation covered 95% of it. Precision in action.

everythingwithatwist-cresta-02 everythingwithatwist-cresta-03 everythingwithatwist-cresta-04 everythingwithatwist-cresta-05  everythingwithatwist-cresta-11 everythingwithatwist-cresta-10 everythingwithatwist-cresta-09 everythingwithatwist-cresta-08





everythingwithatwist-cresta-13    everythingwithatwist-cresta-12



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